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Moonlight Serenade

The Gentleman in White

Kuroba Kaito
21 June
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黒羽 快斗
~ Kuroba Kaito ~

An everyday student studying the mundane ways of this world. Known to be active at night and have a special interest in playing with Magic. Also is known to be in Kaitou Kid's fanclub. At the very least, follows his cases closely.

~ Magician ~


~Moderator of boku_ga_iru~
~Moderator of justonetruth~

~Vice Moderator of mk_icontest~
~Roleplayer at nightmare_high~
~Roleplayer at nereide_rp~
~Roleplayer at there_to_here~

~ Busy-Body ~

Check Memoriable Items for Collection of Kid (and sometimes a few detectives) related stuff.

Responsible for several Kid related AMV's and Fics. Sadly, most AMVs have been removed.